Quality judgment of diamond saw blades


Diamond saw blades are mainly used to cut hard and brittle materials such as concrete, refractory materials, stone, ceramics, etc. In the process of use, the sharpness of the diamond saw blade and the service life are different. What makes this problem? Usually, when many people choose a diamond saw blade, they will know the quality of the diamond saw blade only after they have tried it. How to judge the quality of the diamond saw blade with the naked eye?

diamond saw blades

1. Observe the diamond saw blade head, mainly to observe the exposed corundum, observe its concentration and distribution. The content of good diamond saw blade emery is not too small, but it should not be too much. Dispersing evenly is the best.

2. Welds Welds directly affect chip removal and heat dissipation, and can even cause the cutter head to fall off. So it is very important to observe whether the weld is intact and tidy. If the weld is not continuous and the edge of the cutter is not vertically aligned with the base sink, the above mentioned conditions of the diamond saw blade will occur.

3. Lift the saw blade in the hand and observe whether the diamond cutter head and the base body are aligned on the horizontal surface. If the cutter head is not uniform and the dog teeth are staggered, it is likely to cause the plate to collapse and even the cutter head fall off during use. 4. Compare the thickness of the cutter head and the thickness of the base

Taking a 350mm granite saw blade as an example, in general, the cutter head is about 1mm thicker than the base. The 350mm marble saw blade head will be about 0.2mm-0.5mm thicker than the base. The reason for this design is to prevent damage to the substrate and to increase the life of the saw blade. The sharpness and wear resistance of the saw blade will have a contradictory relationship. The recommendation is that when the blade life reaches the desired target and the sharpness is moderate, do not ask for additional life. Because the external environment, such as the cutting machine, the operation of the workers, the hardness of the stone, etc., will change at any time, and once the external environment changes, the original wear-resistant saw blade may not be used.

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