The difference between granite saw blades and marble saw blades


The difference between granite saw blades and marble saw blades

Granite and marble are relatively unsalable stones and are widely used in buildings. However, the difference between this granite and marble can be very well divided into the pattern, the grain of the granite is spotted, and the grain of the marble shows a colorful pattern, which is especially beautiful.

Granite saw blade

In terms of the hardness of the rock, the marble is soft stone and the granite is medium hard stone. In terms of hardness, granite is slightly better. In terms of the type of rock, marble is a metamorphic rock, and granite is a igneous rock. In addition, marble is available in a variety of colors and colors, while granite is mostly gray or white.

Marble is a carbonate rock that is metamorphosed or deposited. The tissue is fine, solid, polished, and has a wide variety of colors, beautiful natural colors, and low radiation. Marble saw blades are often used for interior decoration because they are not weather resistant and are less used outdoors. Because the marble is more beautiful, its pattern is rich, the color is soft, and so on. After laying it, it will look higher and richer.

This puts high demands on the processing of marble, and the requirements for marble saw blade cutting are much higher than those required for granite saw blades. There is no phenomenon of chipping or falling corners. In response to this phenomenon, Diamond Tool experts have developed four series of marble saw blades, which have excellent cutting results for different marble varieties. Once they are put on the market, they are well received.

Granite is hard and has good maintenance. But it gives people a feeling of coldness, which is generally used on the ground and walls in outdoor or public areas. Therefore, most customers have no requirements for the cutting precision of granite saw blades without marble saw blades. However, there are many varieties of granite. In order to better adapt to the granite varieties in various regions, the expert team of Quanzhou Chad Fast Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. has accumulated more than 100 kinds of granite saw blades, no matter what kind of granite, after years of experience. You can find the corresponding cutting saw blade.

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